Saturday, October 22, 2011

What Is Indie Rap Review?

What's up everybody? Welcome to Indie Rap Review.

   Most hip-hop sources only review work from veteran or established MC's, and I think that's not fair to rappers who make good music but are just not well known enough to be published. So I've created this blog.
This is for independent/underground/unheard-of hip-hop mixtape/album reviews. Anyone aspiring spitta is welcome to send me their mixtapes or albums for me to review and critique honestly and post it on this site.
 All styles welcome, from New York inspired old-school shit to Atlanta style trap music to Curren$y type chill weed raps.

   Full mixtapes or albums only though, I don't review singles. I'm not gonna bash your music either. Reviews here will be fair and helpful with constructive criticism and shit like that. So for all you young rappers tryna get your foot in the door, maybe this can help you.